Why bother wearing a mask in Covid times?


Simple really... you protect yourself and others.. but which masks do what?
          If I wear a simple material mask I protect others from the small droplets in my breath....the more layers and the more tightly woven the fabric the more effective the mask. Most are too loose to filter the inbreath.
          If I wear a surgical mask ( the blue ones in pharmacies), and if it's tied tightly, I will protect others from my droplets AND get some protection for myself as the material does filter my inbreath provided the mask is tight enough.
          If I wear a KN 95 or FFP2 mask it fits tightly to my face, and it effectively filters my inbreath and outbreath. This gives me much better protection against getting COVID-19
          (I bought KN95 masks online from 'tekeir.com' at €33 for 50. I use them daily. While designed for single use I rotate them every 72 hours, and replace when torn or dirty. I try remember to handle them by the ear elastic. )

Stay well !

Effective masks make sense

Emer O’Reilly
Dublin Unitarian Church