Community Sponsorship was put on hold earlier this year due to COVID-19 but the good news is that some refugee families may be able to come to Dublin before the end of the year. Two Community Support Groups have houses where they are not paying rent and they hope to be able to welcome these families. As this is still very tentative, the Irish Refugee Council (IRC) has recommended that the Unitarian group does not actively look for a house at the moment.
          While we are waiting for a change to the status of Community Sponsorship, we are doing as much as we can to be prepared for when the programme re-opens. Trish is preparing the Settlement Plan for submission to the IRC as part of the approval process and Sheila is working on a comprehensive Welcome Pack which will be left in the house for the family. The bank balance is now Ä9,838 and we would like to thank everybody for this very generous support.
          While we still donít know when we will be in a position to welcome a family to Dublin, please be assured that we are still active and will be ready to get in action once we get the green light.

Chair Refugee Welcome Committee
Dublin Unitarian Church