Update from The Unitarian Refugee
Welcome Committee

It has been an eventful couple of months for our committee. Having set up in late 2019 with the hope of supporting a refugee family in early 2020, it was only in November this year that we finally got to take on the task for which we were formed. We secured a one-bedroomed accommodation in Raheny with the help of a very benevolent couple and so we were in a position to support a single refugee who had recently arrived from Afghanistan.
          It has now been seven weeks since meeting and having the privilege of getting to know this young woman. Through the generosity of our Church congregation and friends, we have been able to support her in her move from emergency refugee accommodation in Mosney to her new accommodation and we were able to set her up with all the necessary items needed for her to feel at home. The money generously donated has enabled the group to support the sponsored young woman by supplementing her income and paying rent while waiting for State supports to come on stream; providing clothes and footwear suitable for Irish weather; buying a Leap card and credit; buying household items and providing for health and social care needs.
          Different members of the committee have accompanied her on her first shopping trips, to the local Intreo office, to arrange her public services card, to the Garda National Immigration Bureau, to the post office, the hairdressers and to the local doctor and dentist. We have also had some very enjoyable visits to the National Gallery, Trinity College, The Chester Beatty museum, and the cinema. We have taken trips with her to Dun Laoghaire, St. Anne’s Park, the Phoenix Park and had walks on Three rock mountain, Dollymount beach and Howth head. With every trip we learn more about this young woman whose life has changed so suddenly and who is adapting to her new situation with a determination which we find admirable. The group have committed to supporting this young woman for a two-year period as she finds her feet and gets ready to strike out on her own in her new life in Ireland.
          The Managing Committee of the Church has agreed that February 2022 will be designated Refugee Month in our Church. While we realise that attendance numbers are limited in the Church, we are planning collections for the four Sundays in February.
          If you cannot attend the Church, we request that you consider giving a donation through online banking to our bank account, details as follows:-

Account Name: Unitarian Refugee Welcome Committee
IBAN No : IE71 BOFI 90135184435967
Bank: Bank of Ireland, Montrose.

With sincere thanks from all the members of
the Unitarian Refugee Welcome Committee