The Piano

On Sunday 30th September 2012 Bridget and I were on a well earned break in Montenegro. Keith Troughton gave the service that Sunday and unknown to both him and us started a chain of events that have culminated in the picture on the cover and the articles in this edition of the magazine. Keith’s moment of reflection during the service was the musical piece 4’33” by John Cage.
I think it was on the Sunday that Bridget said “lets go to Perast today”. Perast is a village about three or four kilometres from the apartment further along the coast. Perast lies beneath the hill of St. Elijah (873 m), on a cape that separates the Bay of Risan from the Bay of Kotor, and overlooks the Verige strait, the narrowest part of the bay of Kotor. The average yearly temperature in Perast is about 18.3ºC, and the number of sunny days is 240 (or around 2,500 sunny hours per year).
The bus dropped us at the V in the road where the main road leaves the coast road, goes up the hill and behind the village of Parest. The road into Parest hugs the coast line, for about one and half kilometers and joins the main road again at the other end. The road into the village is pedestrianised during the tourest season. We crossed the road and set off to walk into the village but what is this ? A grand piano, there in the sunshine, on the jetty, all on its own (see the front cover)
I sent the pictures to Josh with suitable captions ‘ silent harbor’ or ‘pianist required, view to payment’ or words to that effect. The fact that there was no one actually playing the instrument, it was being ignored. Standing in silent witness.
Some of the congregation that were at the service on 30th September asked me if I could get Elaine Sisson reading (see page 4) about John Cage some time and publish it. I received the e-mail from Kathleen O’Gorman, about a month later. (see November Oscailt )

P.Spain (ed.)