The Future & Beyond


The Doors are open Welcome Back!
On Sunday 13th May 2021, the doors reopened and we welcomed people back into the church. With hand sanitiser, masks, stewards to direct, social distancing and limited numbers attending the church is a safe space in which to gather. The past fifteen months have been a trial but now we are coming to an end of this pandemic. I hope that very soon we will be able to join in singing hymns together and that memories of lockdown will fade.
          The closure of our church for months on end is a challenge for the community. We have missed out so much - our charity collections, brings clothes to Dublin Simon, reaching out to prisoners of conscience holding services of remembrance not to mention our Carol Service.

What has been happening?
Zoom Technology and our Web camera have allowed us to maintain Sunday services throughout lockdown. The work of the Managing Committee has continued without interruption. The monthly meetings have been on line and in April the AGM of the congregation took place via zoom. There are changes in the Managing Committee. After many years of service Dennis Aylmer has stepped aside as Chair of the congregation. Dennis continues as a member of the Committee and is now Vice Chair. Emer O Reilly has also stepped down from the Committee. We say a big thank you Dennis and Emer for their work over the years. The new Chairman is Ms. Denise Dunne. I am told that the correct address is Madam Chairman. Congratulations Denise and thank you for taking on the role you can be assured that you will have our support in the days ahead. We welcome Will O Connell as a member of the Managing Committee.

Web Camera
The installation of the Web camera is invaluable for those who are unable to come to services. In addition to the Web camera we will continue to provide audio recordings of the services. The experience of church is different when attending via technology. It is different for the person at home and it is different for the person leading the service. Church is about community, people coming together as a community to explore and to discover; church is where we find and share inspiration even if this is chatting over a cup of coffee.

To mark Gay Pride Will O Connell will lead the service on Sunday the 13th June 2021; we have asked the festival to mention this service in their programme of events.

Web Site
During the lockdown the communications group has been busy redesigning our web site. The existing web site was functional but had become dated and overcrowded with information. The new site is attractive it is user friendly and it is inviting. The new web site will be launched towards the end of June.

Our Rotas have not returned to the usual pattern. Some rotas are still not operating but now we need volunteers for the reading and flower rotas. As we continue to move closer to fully open we will need volunteers to join the rotas for people to welcome attendees and distribute hymn books, coffee making, washing up and for help with Sunday Club. If you are willing to volunteer for any of these rotas contact Will O Connell.

Sunday Club
The Sunday Club will not resume until autumn at the earliest.
          Before we can resume Sunday Club we need to regroup our volunteers. Denise Dunne has organised Sunday Club for the past few years.
         As Denise takes up her position as Chair of the congregation we need a volunteer to replace Denise as Sunday club leader. We will meet with the parents to discuss their ideas about Sunday Club and then see how we can work together to make and to provide a safe and worthwhile experience for our young people.

Oscailt Magazine
Oscailt magazine has been produced throughout the pandemic. Paul would welcome articles and input for the magazine. This is your opportunity to have your writing published!

Way Side Pulpit
These Posters are a way to advertise our presence. We need to change them regularly ideas/suggestions for wording are needed. Ideas please to Oscailt magazine or Bridget
          The past months have been a challenge but now we look to the future with optimism and renewed energy. Remember the church will be full if we come to church, the church will be a vibrant liberal active church if we contribute to the community. This church depends on volunteers to operate; no one can do everything that needs doing but we can all contribute some thing.