Reading 21st March 2021

The reason that I chose this reading is that we’re surrounded by the signs of Spring. The sun is shining, the temperature has risen, daffodils and spring blossoms are everywhere. It’s been a strange year when many of our usual activities have been put on hold and we too are coming out of hibernation. And maybe this is a good time to reflect on this.
          The reading is from Eileen Caddy’s 365 Daily Meditations from Findhorn. In establishing the wonderful spiritual community in Findhorn, Eileen faced challenges, dilemmas and personal heartbreak and worked through them with a deep belief in a higher Power and the voice within that guided her in making choices and decisions.

Mary O’Brian


Spring is a truly glorious time, all that has been lying dormant during the winter months is now beginning to stir and wake up after a rest and burst forth. Changes come so quickly you have to be on the alert all the time. If this can happen all around you, it can also happen deep within you. This is a time of deep spiritual growth. All those seeds of truth, which have been planted and have been lying dormant, are now beginning to germinate and spring forth. I tell you changes will come thick and fast, so wake up and behold all that is happening. See the New all around you and within you. Those strange stirrings within have a meaning. When you feel full of joy and walking on air, express it, enjoy it, be ever grateful for it, grow and expand with it all. It's Spring, it's New, it's wonderful.