Urgent Accommodation Appeal:
Do you have a property available for rent in Dublin?

The Dublin Unitarian Church has decided to sponsor and support a refugee family under the Department of Children Community Sponsorship programme. These families have been invited to Ireland by the Irish Government as UN refugees from either Syria or Afghanistan. As refugees, they are entitled to full Irish Social Welfare supports from the day of arrival e.g. children's allowance, job seeker's allowance, housing assistance payment (HAP), medical card etc.
            The Unitarian Refugee Welcome Committee has committed to support and sponsor this family for a period of two years. It will act as guarantor for the family, offering landlords the following assurances:
            ·        Act as primary point of contact for both the landlord and the family 
          ·        Rent guarantee should there be any issue with HAP payments
          ·        Commitment to do any reasonable work required in the house during the tenancy period
          ·        At the end of the tenancy, a commitment to return the house in the same condition in which it was received
          ·        Rent of €1,950 based on a family with 3 children under the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) (Family size will be based on the size of the accommodation)
          ·        Sign a letter of guarantee re the above
          This guarantee offers the landlord peace of mind as there will be no issues with payment of rent or with the condition of the house.  Please contact us if you have any additional queries on this.


e-mail address: unitarianrwc@gmail.com