A New Normal

In just a few weeks the last restrictions imposed by Government for public safety reasons will lapse. Covid will still be with us but hopefully with vaccines and knowledge of how to treat the illness Covid will become a minor inconvenience we will live with. Covid came like a whirlwind. It interrupted life for months on end and it will bring lasting changes to our lives.
          It has changed how people attend church. While our church doors were closed for months on end technology allowed us to hold a service every Sunday. Technology allowed us to meet for virtual coffee during the darkest days of the pandemic. The web camera brings our message beyond the church walls.
          Now we are returning to more normal conditions. Since September the church doors have been open for members to attend. We take care to ensure the safety of those who come on Sunday. We wear masks, sanitise hands, limit the number in church and keep a social distance. We will continue to be cautious and so that members will feel confident and comfortable coming to church.
          Some parts of church are sorely missed. I particularly miss hymn singing and of course we all miss having children in church. We look forward to sharing coffee downstairs in the New Year.
          Some regular events are set to resume. In October we recommence our series of discussions on different faith systems. In the spring a group met to talk about other faiths. In this new part we will read translations of sacred texts from those faiths. Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion. We begin our first session on Thursday 7th October at 7.30p.m. via Zoom. The text is the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tau. The translation by Stephen Mitchell is the easiest to read. Tony Brady will include a link to join the class via the weekly email. Everyone is welcome to join in. Further sessions will be arranged to suit participants at our first meeting.
          We will have our membership Sunday, on Sunday 31st October. Membership is open to those who have been attending the church for at least one year. So if you have been attending since before Covid and would like to formalise your membership please let me know.
          Welcome back everyone I look forward to meeting you in person.

Rev.Bridget Spain
Minister Dublin Unitarian Church