From the Minister

Cover Picture
This months cover is of Mavis Ramazni at the service on Sunday 13th February she read the lesson from Mathew 25.
Mavis Ramazani, the mother of two daughters, is originally from South Africa. She was an asylum-seeker for several years in Hatch Street Direct Provision centre in Dublin. She set up ‘Cooking for Freedom’, which supported women in Direct Provision who wanted to cook for their families (at that time there were no cooking facilities in many Direct Provision centres, only basic canteen food), and which was supported by Dr.Emer O'Reilly and the Dublin Unitarian Church. Mavis now has refugee status and works for the Irish Refugee Council.

Church reopening.
With the easing of Covid restrictions the church is gradually coming back to life. We will of course continue to ensure that people are safe in our building but we are looking forward to more normal days ahead.

Service of reflection & Remembrance 11.00 Friday 18th March.
March 18th has been designated a day of commemoration and remembrance of Covid. While this church may not have lost any members to the covid virus there are many people who experienced bereavement during the time when funerals were limited to just ten people. The ritual of a funeral service is part of the scaffolding that supports the bereaved through the early days of loss. The absence of a traditional funeral has affected the grieving process for many people. While others may not have suffered bereavement for everyone the past two years have been a time of worry, isolation, unease and loss. We need to acknowledge our losses. On Friday 18th March at 11.00a.m. we will hold a service of music, readings and reflection. Volunteers for musical contributions are welcome.

Good Friday 15th April 2022
For almost twenty years on Good Friday we have held a service where we read the names of more than three thousand people who died in thirty years of conflict in Northern Ireland. This is not the best attended service but it is an important one because we are the only group that remembers every lost life. After some discussion the Managing Committee decided that rather than just allowing the service to fade away that we will hold the service this year and discuss future services at the AGM in April.

Sunday 24th April AGM of the Congregation. (see page16)

Sunday Club
Our aim is to gradually resume Sunday club and our Junior and Senior Coming of Age programmes. To do this we need to re-establish our rota of volunteers to take Sunday club. If anyone is willing to help with Sunday Club please let have your name and contact details. We promise that volunteers will have support in leading Sunday Club.

This church depends volunteers. We have a rota for people to act as welcomer, readers at the service, flowers. Our Choir is made up of volunteers. When we resume after service tea and coffee we will need volunteers to make and serve coffee and tea and to do the washing up.

It is said that everyone has at least one service in their head. If anyone would like to take a service please let me know and I can slot you in!!
To all our volunteers I say thank you for your help and we welcome offers of help to maintain the smooth running of the church.

Kylemore Abbey
I am sure that you all know the beautiful Kylemore Abbey in Co. Galway. The Abbey was built by Mitchel Henry who was a Unitarian. Mitchel Henry was baptised in Cross Street Chapel Manchester. To honour the memory of his wife Margaret, Mitchel Henry built a beautiful gothic Church in the grounds of the Abbey. The Abbey is now home to a congregation of Benedictine Nuns. The Abbess Sister Maura Hickey has given her permission for us to hold a short service in the Church. The setting is beautiful, the grounds are wonderful, the food served in the restaurant is great. We will explore the possibility of making a trip to Kylemore in Spring/early Summer.

Welcome back I hope to see you soon.