OSCAILT Magazine June 2020

There is no printed version of this magazine due to CoVID-19
For the present the magazine will be published in this format, on-line only.

This is the June 2020, Volume 16, edition of the magazine,
published on 31st May 2020 on-line only.

The titles of the articles in the magazine, are listed here as links to the individual articles in the order they appeared in the magazine.

Hans Möller

The Island of Metanoia

Portrait of William Drennan

Dublin Unitarian Book Club’s choice for May 2020

Buddhist Ethics

Volume 16 2020

Front Cover: On one of the very fine days at the beginning of April Bridget was painting the iron gates at the front of the house with Hamerite paint black and gold. When she opened the gold paint there was not a lot left in the tin but she added some thinners and stretched it enough to finish the gates.
In fact there was so much left over Bridget said “why not give Buddah a Golden cloak”.
Photo P.Spain

Before the paint job.

These two look like they are having a chat.

After the paint job, he dose look well.