Letter to the Editor of “Oscailt”

The Walnuts, Enniscoffey, Mullingar, Co.Westraeath.
15th July 2020

Dear Editor,
I have read the piece “Camera-Lights-Action” by the Rev.Mike O’Sullivan in the July issue of Oscailt, and offer these few comments.
          What he describes is wonderful in this crisis as a stop-gap in place of nothing. But we must not make the mistake of believing that it is a substitute for the real thing.
          The early Bishop of Lyon Irenaeus said in about the year 200 that community fellowship was an essential part of the practice of the Faith; and he was right. And that community fellowship was represented above all by joint recitation of prayers and singing together of psalms and hymns. If those communal activities are dispensed with, something essential has gone. And we must not delude ourselves about the extent or scale of that loss.

Yours sincerely,

(Dr.) Martin Pulbrook
Lay Minister, Blackpool Unitarian Church, Lancashire.