Cooking for Freedom


The sale of plants during May and June 2021 organised by our minister Bridget, made €350.00, which was donated to the support of Cooking for Freedom.
          We in the Unitarian church have been helping support this very small charity, Cooking for Freedom, for the last 4 years .
          Currently the project is supporting 15 families in the Balseskin direct provision centre for asylum seekers who are trying to reduce their Covid exposure by cooking in their rooms, by buying small rice cookers as well as ingredients.
          The Whatsapp group that the women set up, has been helping asylum seekers access information on self care, health, practical matters, offering emotional and practical support. It also links asylum seekers to other projects such as linking the children in Balseskin refugee centre with the Science Gallery via donated laptops. The website is Cooking for freedom and they are also on Facebook as cooking for freedom. facebook Donations are gratefully received. All the funds raised go directly to those in need. While we look forward to the day that the inhumane direct provision system ends we hope to be able to provide practical support to those already in this system and also to those who are exiting from the system. They have been in enforced dependency for sometimes many years and need support as they transition to living independently.
          To donate look at or Facebook Cooking for Freedom.

Emer O’Reilly
Dublin Unitarian Church