Cooking for Freedom

Thank you for the donation of €500 March 2020.

Background : Our church donated €500 in advance of the planned June collection ( long before the Covid19 closing of churches was thought of !)This was when the ill and elderly were advised to self isolate .
          We were supporting Cooking for Freedom, a small charity which helps asylum seekers in Direct Provision buy food for themselves. The original group was just around the corner from us, in Hatch Hall, Hatch Street .They were moved to Balseskin, north Dublin, last year
          This lady is using some the funds we provided to cook for her daughter and for a resident who is supposed to be cocooning, but could not do so without her help. Their only other option is the canteen …with no possibility of cocooning or much social distancing, or healthy food.

This is an extract from an email received from a resident in Direct Provision ,
13th April 2020

“ My name is Joyce, I am in direct provision currently living in Balseskin Reception Centre.
          I just want to express how grateful I am, and how Cooking for Freedom has helped me, my 15 month old daughter and an elderly and more vulnerable resident in my centre.
          Cooking for Freedom has helped us in the following ways:
          Being able to cook for myself really improved my quality of life being in direct provision, where for once I had a choice to cook what I want and how I want it. I feel like I have a choice and that makes me feel I belong. Because of Cooking for Freedom I’m able to cook for my daughter which is every Mother’s joy for their kids to eat what they want, especially as I noticed she would always refuse the food cooked by the staff of my centre. I’m so grateful, especially as I reflect on a day I was sitting in my room with my daughter, tired of eating same thing every day and how my daughter had refused to eat what was given to us to eat, tears was running down my eyes as I could feel I had no freedom nor choice . Suddenly I saw Mavis posted on our Cooking for Freedom group we have been given some funds to cook. I felt so relieved and was so happy I was going to cook for my daughter especially.
          Again, it is so amazing how because of Cooking for Freedom I met with a resident here in Balseskin who is from my country. He has medical conditions and has also been diagnosed with Parkinsonism. Despite all the huge challenges he is facing with his health, he has also been issued a letter from the Department of Justice stating he signs a voluntary return to his country if not he would be issued with a deportation order. He is going through a lot. Thanks to Cooking for Freedom he can at least eat a healthy dish that he likes which in a way I think helps his mental state.
          To conclude, I would like to thank all our funding sources of Cooking for Freedom, for the great help you render to us whereby we feel loved, looked after and belonging
          Thank you so much

Joyce Akama

If you would like to support them the bank account information is
          Account Name: Cooking for Freedom
          Bank: AIB 7–12 Dame Street, Dublin 2.
          Sort Code: 93-20-86
          Account No: 65568033
          IBAN: IE02AIBK93208665568033
          BIC: AIBKIE2DXXX

They have a Facebook page which might be of interest and also have a go fund me page started recently by some supporters