Coming of Age Group

Dear Coming of Age group and the whole Congregation
          Let me send you all our grateful thanks for your enormous efforts and generosity in fundraising for us before Christmas. Your 500 will allow us to buy the ingredients to cook some of our own national food for our children.
          We are now 24 with new and old cooking for freedom members, living in a Direct Provision centre in North Dublin. We are given food in the canteen (often cheap, greasy and not nutritious) but we would love to be able to cook our national dishes for our children, at least occasionally.
          You made this possible for us this Christmas, and for the month of January 2020.
          I attached a picture of few members who permitted me to share picture with you, I am also happy to share a picture of me and my 8 year old daughter Asha, but other members did not want to be included but they are very happy and grateful too.

Thank You so much

Cooking for freedom founder