While watching some of the Youth Assembly presentation on the T.V. I was very impressed by the articulation of all the teen-agers who spoke. The Ceann Comhairle was equally impressed that none of the speakers went over time on their allotted slot, “all our TD need to take heed” he said.
          As Ele reported in her article “a girl at the back raised her hand and holding back tears, she pleaded with everyone in the room to help the less fortunate who will be the worst affected and the least equipped against climate disasters.” This really hits the nail on the head, just what can any individual do to help.
          We can help by making space to grow more shrubs and flowers to sustain all insects. All green leafed plants absorb CO2 and expel Oxygen. If you talk to a gardener that looks after a walled garden, they will tell you plants grow better there because of the “Micro Climate” that is created. So also if any group of residents club together to grow just ONE plant each, that could sustain an insect or butterfly, that is a start. But imagine, if say in the area of Ballyfermot or Baldoyle or anywhere for that matter, every house decided to plant some plant or shrubs or tree if you have the space, when added together just how many acres of planting would that amount to. Now let’s really jump into our imagination and apply the same thinking nationwide, Ireland could make a difference and show the way. We Irish did it by banning smoking in the work place, also by introducing sustainable bags for shopping, do we remember the hull-a-bolo “it will never work” ! ! !
          We know it did work and was copied by other countries. Where there is a will there is a way. This wonderful work that the teen-agers of Ireland did needs to be brought forward and implemented in schools, on television and radio.
          This opportunity should be recognised for what it is and not shelved and forgotten, it needs presidential recognition and be brought into general education. What if for a start every child in school is presented with a packet of seeds to plant and sustain for next summer, it’s a start, a small one but a start.