110 Years Ago

One hundred and ten years ago on the 31st March 1910 Dublin Unitarian Church installed Rev.Ernest Savell Hicks as its new Minister. This minister would go on to serve the congregation for fifty two years. His ministry spanned two World Wars, a revolution, a serious fire in the church building, a Civil War and a flu pandemic. During his ministry he preached twice each Sunday. He had a reputation as being an outstanding preacher. Lecturers in Divinity at Trinity College advised students to attend his services to hear the best preacher in Ireland.
          The day itself was a celebration; it was probably quite an extended service with contributions from four Ministers. Rev.H.J.Rossington preached on “the principles of Non-Subscription”. The Rev.G.Vance Crook's theme was “Christian Discipleship”. Rev. Savell Hicks gave an outline of the ideals and principles he hoped to nourish in his ministry. The charge to the congregation was made by Rev.H.Enfield Dowson.
          Afterwards guests enjoyed Luncheon in the Aberdeen Hall of the Gresham hosted by the Chairman of the congregation the Rt. Hon. W. D. Andrews. The menu card was printed on a scalloped edged card trimmed with gold foil. The back was printed with a picture of the church.
          The menu was consommé or Ox tail soup, Salmon, Joint of beef or Chicken and ham, Lemon Pudding or Moraschino Jelly, Cheese and biscuits, Coffee.
          There was of course toasts First toast “The King” Second toast “Friends Lay and Clerical” The final toast was “Prosperity to the Stephen’s Green Congregation and their newly installed Minister”
          Rev. E. Savell Hicks had many gifts. He is largely responsible for the design of the wonderful Wilson window. He was a talented writer; his sermons that have survived have a freshness and relevance that is exceptional. He served his congregation with skill and dedication for fifty two years.

Below is a Christmas card sent by Rev.Savell Hicks, probably 1940.

Rev.Bridget Spain